Packaging Solutions

We provide our clients with step-by-step assistance to get their product packaged and ready for market. If we can't find the best package for your product, we'll help
you create it.

Are you new to the industry and don't know what you need? We'll walk you through the packaging process step-by-step and connect you with fillers or converters.

  • Package development
  • Quality assurance
  • Decoration: screen printing, offset printing, labels and shrink labeling
  • Instruction sheets
  • Package inserts (applicators, gloves, spatulas, trays etc.)
  • Support to market

Case Study in Brief

Not that long ago, homeowners had a real problem with yard chemicals. Instruction sheets got separated from the bottle and lost creating a potentially hazardous or deadly situation. We worked with our client and were among the first in the industry to launch chemical containers that had a firmly affixed label.